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Jackson County Civil Litigation Lawyers Here for Your Georgia Needs

Life has many sudden turns. If you need help resolving a probate matter, planning your estate, working through a contract, finishing up a real estate deal, or collecting a judgment, call us today. Based in Commerce, the Wilbanks Law Firm is ready to help with your needs. With a team equipped to take your call and give you direct, clear answers, we’re here to provide you with solutions to your legal challenges.

We understand that not everyone has the same level of experience with the law. That’s where we come in. We’ll listen to you and your needs before we make any suggestions. We listen to your needs and come up with a plan that avoids unnecessary work. After all, we want what’s best for you, not our wallet.

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Why Hire the Wilbanks Law Firm?

From individuals to businesses, our clients benefit from:

  • More than twenty years as a Georgia civil litigation lawyer.
  • Award-winning representation from an accomplished civil litigation lawyer.
  • A genuine partnership with a lawyer who understands your goals.

Our Clients’ Wins

Clients come to us in times of need. We know this and have used our skills, expansive knowledge, and consistent communication to again and again get the results they need.

Positive Jury Verdict

$435,000 Jury Verdict In Partnership Litigation

Business Law

Fraudulent Conveyance Settlement

$1,150,000 settlement obtained in fraudulent conveyance action on behalf of creditor, 2015

Judgement Collections

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About the Wilbanks Law Firm

Our firm was founded the same year that the Great Recession began. We battled through that, and we’re still thriving as a knowledgeable, reliable, and local resource for Commerce, and surrounding counties of Jackson, Banks, Madison, Clarke, and Hall.

Having grown up in the area, founding attorney Dylan Wilbanks saw a need for a civil litigation law firm and decided to fill that role. In the years since, we’ve built a reputation as an affordable and reliable option for people’s estate, business, or collections needs. We work to settle matters out of court, but we’re prepared to represent you in trials if your case calls for a court appearance.

Learn About The Firm

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See what our clients have to say in their own words:

Client testimonial

If you are looking for experts in Eldercare Law, Probate Law and Estate Planning, you will be best served by Wilbanks Law Firm.

Juanita C.

Client testimonial

If I could give more stars on his behalf, I absolutely would.

Amanda H.

Client testimonial

I highly recommend this law firm for your legal needs!

Vic S.


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Our Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Whenever you’re entering into a new business agreement, you want to know that your contracts are accurate and fair, leaving no unknowns that could affect you. The Wilbanks ... Law Firm understands that a bad contract could mean loss of profits, trust, and services. We can help you with construction disputes, partnership disputes, and other contract disputes.

Real Estate Litigation

You might be new to owning property in Northeast Georgia, or you might have owned your land for a long time. You could be facing real estate litigation issues, and without ... the right guidance, you could be at a disadvantage. With our help, you can effectively deal with real estate issues like quiet titles, boundary disputes, easements, and more.

Probate Litigation

Whenever money or assets are involved, things get complicated quickly. That’s especially true if people are arguing over who inherits what after a family member passes ... away. You can rely on the Wilbanks Law Firm to help you sort through matters of probate. Our skills in dealing with real estate matters and years of experience allow us to sort through probate litigation. We can also help with matter’s dealing with a “year’s support.”

Estate Planning

Do you need help drafting or updating a will? The Wilbanks Law Firm is prepared to help you protect your estate, whether you need to make a change after the death of your ... spouse or if you’ve recently had a child. You can rest assured that your will be executed properly with our help. We can also help you establish testamentary trusts for any minor children and establish the powers of attorney.

Judgment Collections

When you win a debt judgment, you should expect to receive what you’re owed. As a creditor, you shouldn’t have to hunt for the debtor on your own. Let us help you enforce ... your judgment. We are experienced in ethical practices to track down debtors within Georgia. Speed matters in these cases. Do not hesitate to get help from the Wilbanks Law Firm.

Estate Administration

Attorney Dylan Wilbanks has significant experience administering complex estates, and addressing the issues involved in navigating the many issues that may arise: fair distribution ... of assets and property, pursuit of of claims of the deceased, resolution of issues among heirs. He currently serves as Jackson County’s county administrator and has been assigned to the same role in a number of surrounding jurisdictions as well. As an estate administrator, he can serve as a conservator when circumstances require. Dylan applies his knowledge of real estate and probate law to ensure the timely administration of estates and distribution to heirs, where possible.


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Civil Litigation FAQs

What Should I Look for in a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

When you’re looking for a civil litigator, you must examine many qualities. You want someone who is ready to work for you and has your best interest at heart. They must be someone who communicates well: not just with you, but also with everyone involved in your case, like a judge or jury.

They should be able to thoroughly investigate your case and help you decide what option you should choose. Also, they should be honest when discussing your case.

Will I Have to Go to Court?

Each case is unique. Whether you go to court or not largely depends on your circumstances and your goal. Some matters can be settled out of court, and some need to be handled in a courtroom. Your attorney should explain when each is appropriate and help you prepare for any situation.

What’s the Benefit of Hiring A Lawyer with Litigation Experience?

When you hire someone with litigation experience, you’re hiring someone who can represent you effectively in a court of law. You might not need to go to court, but it’s better to hire someone who can prepare for that eventuality instead of someone who would flounder or bend under pressure.

What Areas Does the Wilbanks Law Firm Serve?

We proudly serve the Commerce area and pride ourselves on accessibility. We encourage anyone within an hour’s drive from us to reach out to consult us about their business, probate, estate planning, or civil litigation needs. We routinely travel state-wide for our judgment collection cases.

You won’t need to come into the office every time we have a matter to discuss. Much of our business can be conducted over the phone or by email. We’ll have you come into the office to finalize your case or to prepare for trial. We work to keep your costs down, and we’re always up-front about your expenses.

Attorney Dylan Wilbanks

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Whether you need help finding a business solution or must work on your estate, we know these matters can be confusing. We’re prepared to review your case and explain your options in a way you can understand. We want to help you. Give us a call so we can find out how.

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