Commercial Litigation

Need a GA Commercial Litigation Lawyer? We Offer Superior Representation

When you need a GA commercial litigation lawyer, you want one with a reputation of superior representation. A Commerce business attorney at Wilbanks Law Firm is well-regarded by clients, peers, judges and juries as ethical yet firm business dispute litigators who are effective counsel capable of obtaining optimal results. This reputation favors our clients in and out of the courtroom, whether we are negotiating the best possible settlement or aggressively pursuing your rights through litigation.

Fighting for your rights and interests, Dylan Wilbanks draws on his past employment with the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office and expert knowledge of Georgia’s commercial law when pursuing your settlement or verdict. Erin Moore is equally qualified to represent individuals, businesses, and others in all local, federal, and state courts.

A Commerce Business Lawyer Representing Clients in all Facets of Commercial Litigation

The Wilbanks Law Firm commercial litigation attorney practice includes but is not limited to:

Business: A Wilbanks Law Firm Commerce business lawyer protects clients accused of or defending against Antitrust, Banking Violations, Business Torts, Contract Fraud, Credit Card Abuses, Credit Report Fraud, Creditor Harassment, Debt Judgement Collection, Disparagement of Competition, Environmental Law, False Advertising (including “Bait & Switch”), Fraudulent Billing (price manipulation, cross-charging, cost inflation, etc.), Fixed Bids, Hidden Fees, Insurance Fraud, Kickback, Lender Liability, Misrepresentation, Partnership/Shareholder Disputes, Trade Regulation Violations, and Unfair Practices.

Construction: Our Georgia construction litigation attorneys know how to prevail in cases involving: Breach of Contract, Bond Claims, Collections/Payment Disputes, Construction Law, Contract Language, Defect Claims (including design claims), Delays, Employment Law, Indemnification, Insurance Defense/Coverage Disputes, Lien Claims, Negligent Construction, Payment Disputes, Recovery Disputes, Scope of Work Settlement, Surety Claims, Truck Accidents, Warranties, Work Stoppage, and more.

Estate Litigation: Wilbanks Law Firm estate litigation lawyers in Commerce represent administrators, beneficiaries, heirs, trustees and executrix/executors involved in Georgia probate/estate/trust disputes, guardianship, and contests to wills and codicils, including fiduciary duty disputes, such as breach of duty, self-dealing and fraudulent conveyance.

Real Estate: We are experienced legal counsel for: Adverse Possession, Boundary Disputes, Buy/sell Agreement Disputes, Commercial Disposition, Contract Litigation, Defect Disclosure, Easements, Evictions, Foreclosures, Insurance, Landlord/Tenant Dispute, Land Title Challenges, Lease Disputes, Lien Claims, Lending Litigation, Mortgage Dispute, Personal Injury, Professional Negligence, Property Damage, Restrictive Covenants, Title Policies and Insurance Claims, Quiet Title Actions, and Zoning Disputes.

Contact a Commerce Business Dispute Lawyer

Was your business damaged by someone else’s wrongdoing? You may be entitled to collect compensatory damages, as well as additional future damages, liquidated damages, punitive damages, specific performance, attorney’s fees and court costs. Additionally, the judge may revise, cancel, or reform your contract.

We understand that our clients don’t want to spend a lot of time and money pursuing or defending against commercial disputes. We’re well known for our alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, mediation, negotiation, and subrogation, and respected for our courtroom skills when litigation is inevitable. Contact a Commerce business dispute lawyer at Wilbanks Law Firm.