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Patent law attorneys in Braselton know the myths circulating about this part of the profession. A patent law attorney works in intellectual property law, which is a fascinating subset of the legal profession. However, many clients have misconceptions about what patent law legal practitioners actually do. Let’s talk about some of these misunderstandings. Patent Lawyers […]

Successful patent and trademark attorneys in Athens often share several common traits. There are a fair number of patent and trademark attorneys in Athens, but not all of them share the same level of professional success. Some patents attorneys tend to have more work available, as well as clients willing to pay higher fees for […]

How Can Patent Litigation Firms Help Protect Your Business?

April 10th, 2018 by Wilbanks Law Firm

Patent litigation firms are great at protecting the intellectual property of a business. Patent litigation firms often work to protect a wide range of intellectual property rights, which many businesses have. Just because a business doesn’t deal with technology or something that’s protected by a patent doesn’t mean they don’t have intellectual property that’s worth […]

Top patent law firms provide the best chances of winning your case. Patent law is a unique area of legal practice where top patent law firms work extremely hard to provide the desired legal results for their clients. But how exactly can these law firms help their clients win their case and collect a judgment? […]

You might not believe the following things about patent trademark attorneys. Patent trademark attorneys work in the intellectual property field, but they actually focus on two separate areas of the law. We’ll explain those two areas and discuss three things you may not know about patent trademark attorneys.  #1: Patents and Trademarks Are Not the […]