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Construction dispute resolution is often perfect for the construction industry. The construction industry is one of the few industries that is practically tailor-made for construction dispute resolution. This is because of how many legal disputes commonly arise in a construction project. Let’s discuss the alternative form of resolving legal and contractual disagreements among businesses in […]

What Is Construction Litigation and Where Is It Seen the Most?

November 16th, 2017 by Wilbanks Law Firm

Many people often ask: what is construction litigation? If you’ve ever asked “what is construction litigation?”, this blog post is for you. Let’s talk about where you’re more likely to find construction litigation and things you can do to help avoid it.   What Is Construction Litigation? Construction litigation is what you think it is […]

Construction dispute lawyers are often necessary when construction projects don’t go as planned. As their name implies, construction dispute lawyers handle legal disputes that arise out of a construction project. These can range from disagreements about contracts to dealing with the legal consequences when someone gets hurt to insurance coverage disputes. If you have a […]