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What Commercial Litigation Lawyers Wish Their Clients Knew

November 8th, 2017 by Wilbanks Law Firm

There are a few things that clients of commercial litigation lawyers should know and understand. Throughout handling a case, commercial litigation lawyers need to think about many considerations. Some of these concerns may be hard for clients and non-legal professionals to understand. Here are a few facts top commercial litigation lawyers wish clients knew: Going […]

Construction dispute lawyers are often necessary when construction projects don’t go as planned. As their name implies, construction dispute lawyers handle legal disputes that arise out of a construction project. These can range from disagreements about contracts to dealing with the legal consequences when someone gets hurt to insurance coverage disputes. If you have a […]

Do you need a breakdown of the ins and outs of business and commercial litigation in federal courts? When it comes to business and commercial litigation in federal courts, the thought can be intimidating. Damaging publicity? Enforcement action by regulators? Criminal prosecution? Any one of those situations can bring on a major case of heartburn. […]