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What Happens During Judgment Collection in Commerce, Georgia?

September 28th, 2018 by Wilbanks Law Firm

Learn what you need to know about the process of judgment collection in Commerce, GA. A judgment collection service in Commerce helps turn successful court cases into cash. It’s important to note how difficult it can be for a business to receive money, even after filing a lawsuit. Someone without the intention to pay can […]

What Is Litigation Law and How Would It Benefit My Business?

September 21st, 2018 by Wilbanks Law Firm

Ask yourself, “What is litigation law and how does it impact my business?” before you need their help. What is litigation law? When is it necessary? How can you use it to your advantage? As a business owner, chances are high that you will eventually face legal matters, and the ways you handle them can […]

What Lawyers Look for in Personal Injury Cases before Taking Them

September 14th, 2018 by Wilbanks Law Firm

How do lawyers evaluate personal injury cases? Improve your chances of representation with these tips. Personal injury cases involve physical or emotional harm as a result of one party’s actions against another—either directly or by ignoring a risk. Unfortunately, not every injury justifies filing a lawsuit. Lawyers help you determine whether it’s worth the investment […]

Do you need judgment collection services in Jackson County? Discover the reasons for these services and the benefits of having an experienced attorney’s help. Judgment collection services in Jackson County help you collect on debts a court of law has assigned to you. Winning a small claims case isn’t enough to put money in the […]