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A nasty surprise concerning questions of materiality and whistleblowers Naturally, it can pose a problem for plaintiffs across courtrooms and in a wide variety of suits, but materiality and whistleblowers is now a significant and unexpected hurdle. In what at first seemed a serious win, whistleblowers received a hidden blow in the landmark case Universal […]

What Do Judgment Collection Services in Homer Do?

June 26th, 2018 by Wilbanks Law Firm

Judgment collection services in Homer do several things to collect a debt. If there is an outstanding debt, there’s a good chance judgment collection services will come into play. An outstanding debt exists because the debtor refuses or cannot pay the money owed to another. As a result, the debt collection process begins. If the […]

If you have a personal injury claim in Franklin, here are some things you should know. Hopefully, you will never have a personal injury claim in Franklin, or anywhere else. But if you do, you need legal advice and all the information possible to make the best decisions concerning your rights. Let’s discuss some important […]

Patent law attorneys in Braselton know the myths circulating about this part of the profession. A patent law attorney works in intellectual property law, which is a fascinating subset of the legal profession. However, many clients have misconceptions about what patent law legal practitioners actually do. Let’s talk about some of these misunderstandings. Patent Lawyers […]

Debt collectors face the same common judgment collection issues in Commerce as in other parts of the country. Creditors know that judgment collection issues in Commerce are common. But this is similar to other parts of the country whenever you have someone that does not pay back his or her debts. It’s also very common […]