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If you’re finding yourself in probate court, it pays to look at hiring one of the best litigation firms. The best litigation firms are the best for a reason: they have the experience and skills to not just win in court, but provide the best possible outcomes for their client. One such area of law […]

When many people think of lawyers, they don’t think of civil litigation attorneys. Civil litigation attorneys are some of the most common types of lawyers, despite what many non-attorneys might think. Many people believe that most lawyers practice criminal law, but that’s not the case. But what exactly is the difference between a civil and […]

Top patent law firms provide the best chances of winning your case. Patent law is a unique area of legal practice where top patent law firms work extremely hard to provide the desired legal results for their clients. But how exactly can these law firms help their clients win their case and collect a judgment? […]

Does Your Fraud Litigation Attorney Assure Fraud Recovery?

February 1st, 2018 by Wilbanks Law Firm

One of the most important goals of a fraud litigation attorney is making sure assets fraudulently taken get returned to their rightful owners. A good fraud litigation attorney provides the best chance of obtaining any recovery of money or other assets from someone who committed fraud. But is a fraud recovery always possible? No, but […]