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The truth you need to know about personal injury compensation Are your hopes for your personal injury compensation realistic or outrageous? If you ask any personal injury attorney about tough conversations they’ve had with clients, you’ll hear this one. It’s the conversation where the lawyer explains that a client’s case may not be as valuable – […]

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If you’re facing charges right now, these DUI defense strategies can save the day. If you’re currently on the hunt for DUI defense strategies, today has probably not been a great day for you. You probably got pulled over. You might have taken a field sobriety test. You might even have submitted to a breathalyzer.  While […]

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If you’re contemplating international business litigation, you’ll want to read this first. Whoever said business was simple never needed to pursue international business litigation. Cross the border to carry out your company’s business, and you’ll understand how fast matters can get complicated. From collecting debts to pursuing judgments, there’s another layer of complexity awaiting companies […]

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