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Intellectual property attorneys can help you defend your rights. In the age of information, it’s never been more important for intellectual property owners to be able to call on intellectual property attorneys to help them defend their rights. If someone’s stolen your intellectual property (IP), you may need help to see your way through to […]

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What Legal Matters Involve Construction Defect Litigation? Construction defect litigation covers known or unknown defects in the structure, home, or building that adversely affect and lower the value of it. Some defects are visible to the eye, such as water infiltration into the structure. Other issues are not as visible and apparent, arising sometime after […]

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What Would I Need Commercial Real Estate Lawyers For?

May 9th, 2016 by Wilbanks Law Firm

What Types of Commercial Real Estate Transactions Benefit from Commercial Real Estate Lawyers? Commercial real estate lawyers can provide legal guidance in commercial real estate transactions. A commercial real estate matter involves any property defined or used for conducting business or business purposes and excluded as a personal place of residence or for personal means. […]

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Is it time to call a DUI defense attorney to help? If you’ve just gotten a ticket or summons or face jail time for driving under the influence, now is the time to get a DUI defense attorney’s help. You may have imbibed alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other mind altering substance, then operated a […]

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